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What Remains
What Remains
Clay and Hand Woven Cotton
48"x 36"

The series What Remains is inspired by the undeciphered Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) script. The script’s numeric elements are observed and scribbled from memory onto a clay smeared cotton panel, from right to left as the original script is believed to have been written. The scribblings are subsequently broken down, destroyed to a certain degree and covered with clay dust. Three panels in the series "What Remains" oscillate between - actual, adapted and lost - and finally, what remains. The compositions give rise to a number of readings. Clay is used as medium since Terra-cotta pottery in the Indian subcontinent is believed to have originated from this period 5000 years ago. IVC people are also known to be the first to cultivate cotton in the South Asia, hence the use of cotton in these works.