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This body of work is an inquiry in non- duality. By definition, non-duality means ‘not-two’. This does not mean that there are no opposites, but rather that these opposites are an integral part of each other. Hara is a symbol of it. It is an energy center
Sifr 1
Turmeric and Earth Minerals on Mulberry Paper on Wood Panel
24" x 24"

The series, Sifr, symbolize the concept of Zero, a point of unison of mind and spirits. This series uses materials such as turmeric, muslin, earth minerals and carbon. In most compositions, grains of turmeric are sedimented in delicate layers over numerous handmade cones made by hand, by rotating matter like a whirling dervish. Medium runs as a common reed through both, unifying object and its essence, real and shadow. In works like What Lies Beneath, an attempt is made to inform and conceal simultaneously. The two sanctuaries, portray oneness of all phenomena.
All works explore the idea of non-duality i.e ‘not-twoness’ among entities, in this case space and form, that exist within and outside each other in equal fervor.