Gunjan Kumar

At its core, my work is about observing. Observing matter in its elemental form and in relation to self. My interests lie in how materials and processes tell a story of self rooted in place, serving as sensory portraits of the inhibited and the bygone. Materials such as raw hand woven cotton, clay from north India and surrounding rivers in Chicago, activate physical and non-physical connections to my roots in the east and bridge them with my current home in the west.
Process in the works, is the message. Often a medium is selected, preferably in its elemental form. Next, it is intimately prepared and rendered. As the medium travels through the composition, it informs of its place and role through the relationships that it builds. Therefore, an unhurried sense of time is essential in the process. Influence of indigenous practices, particularly prehistoric cave paintings and related schools that I have been visiting for the past many years, play an important role in carving my process and ideology. - Gunjan