Gunjan Kumar

At the core of my work is observation—and my response to this mysterious act. By observing matter in its elemental form as independent and in relation to myself, I create work that investigates the condition of nonduality, of “not-twoness.” The message or meaning of my work emerges from its process. Choice and combination of materials are integral to each depiction. I investigate the character of materials until I arrive at an understanding that informs their use. Hence, an unhurried sense of time is an essential factor in the process. The process under investigation resonates with elemental materials and forms of the prehistoric drawings at the Bhimbetka rock shelters in Central India, which I have been visiting since 2013. Travels exploring related old schools of art, archeological sites, tribal arts and other indigenous techniques are also important influences. Over the years, my engagements instill in me wonder and respect for the richness and profundity of art-making traditions along with a commitment to bringing to them the innovation that ensures their transmission over time.

Gunjan Chawla Kumar